By Brian K. McManusCalifornia’s largest university, Cal Poly, will open its new Center for Religious Science in Monterey, and the campus will be home to a new academic program for religious science.

The center, which opened this year, will include a center for research in the field of faith and spirituality, said the university’s Provost, Dr. Andrew M. McDonough.

“The center will provide faculty with the tools and expertise they need to understand, analyze, and communicate religious knowledge and practice to their students and colleagues,” he said.

“This is an important step in our ongoing journey to provide a more comprehensive, interdisciplinary and open space for religious studies,” McDonoh said.

Cal Poly will be the first major university in the country to offer a religious science degree.

The program, called Religious Science for the 21st Century, will take place during the academic year beginning next fall.

The university plans to offer the program online through its online portal, as well as by telephone.

The university’s program, which is a core component of the School of Arts and Sciences, focuses on the development of “knowledge of faith in a diverse and culturally diverse society,” according to the university.

It is intended to prepare students for careers in academic and research fields, McDonow said.

In addition to its religious science program, Cal, which has about 2,000 undergraduates, will offer a graduate program in religious studies.

That program will be a part of the university as well.

McDonough said the religious science graduates will also be required to complete courses in psychology, anthropology, history, law and economics.

He said Cal Poly will begin offering a master’s degree in religious science in the fall of 2019.

Cal, the University of California, has been trying to establish itself as a major research university.

In its first academic year in the 1980s, Cal had about 5,000 undergraduate students.

The school has added a major campus in Los Angeles to accommodate its growth, but it is unclear if the campus is a campus, a satellite campus, or a hybrid campus.

Cal Poly has been considering the possibility of expanding into other locations.

Mc Donough said Cal has also been working on an expansion of its religious studies program in the San Diego area, but no plans have been announced.