Evanston, Ill.

— An Evanston Baptist Church has been ordered to pay $1,000 to a Muslim woman after it allegedly posted a letter in an online newsletter calling for violence against her and other “deviants” who practice the faith.

The letter, which has since been removed, was posted on an Evanston-based blog called Islam Is Real.

It was written by a woman who calls herself Amina and described herself as an atheist.

In the letter, Amina says she is “fearful” of the religious studies students at her school because she believes “it’s time we start questioning our faith and taking it seriously.”

The woman also wrote that her parents were “troubled” by the message and wanted to “take action.”

The Evanston school district said Tuesday that it “will review the incident and take appropriate action to protect the privacy and safety of the students and community.”

The district said it was also taking steps to monitor the school for any other possible threats.