Temecula (AP) — You might have to wait until next week to see if it’s too warm for your hair.

Temecula is hosting the National Religious Science Week on March 12 and 13, and the first day of the event is Friday.

The event is intended to educate the public on the science behind the religious and scientific traditions.

“I want to make sure that everyone has a little bit of fun and not be intimidated by the weather,” said Jennifer Hildebrandt, executive director of the Temeculas Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Hildebrandts office is hosting workshops, seminars and more.

She said it is a way to get people talking about religion.

“We are going to be having a conversation about religion and faith and the history of the world and that’s what the National religious science week is all about,” Hildebrands office said.

“Our mission is to help educate the community, especially in the tourism industry, about religion,” she said.

Temercula is the largest city in Southern California and home to Temeculum, a popular tourist destination.

It is one of the first cities in the state to open the door to the public in 1873.