How to teach your kids the Quran?

The sport bible says you’re in luck, as it says the Islamic religion has a lot to offer to young people.

A Muslim student in a Saudi school, the Al-Khazra School in Saudi Arabia, is currently learning the Qur`an.

The school was founded by Saudi Arabian clerics to educate the nation’s youth.

But some parents say the school is biased toward Islam and that the students are taught the wrong religion.

The Islamic school in the country was originally designed to provide education for Muslim youth but now it has grown into a more inclusive school, according to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The school was started by Saudi cleric Sheikh Saleh bin Zaydi and was designed to teach young people about Islam.

According to the IOC, its students are now learning about the Prophet Muhammad, his teachings, and the history of Islam.

The International Olympic committee has since granted the school an Olympic gold medal.

A mother and her four children at the Al Khazra school.

The Islamic school is a Muslim school in Saudi, but it has been given an Olympic medal for promoting tolerance in the classroom.

The school has an annual budget of around $30 million and is considered one of the best in the world, according the IOC.

In Saudi Arabia , there are no public schools, and many Muslim children attend private Islamic schools.

The curriculum at the school has been changed several times over the years, including a new curriculum in 2018 that taught students about the Qurʼan.

In 2019, the school became a member of the Qatar Olympic Committee, which has sponsored the school with scholarships and other benefits.

In 2020, the government made the school a full member of UNESCO, which recognizes religious diversity in education.

In 2022, the IOC voted to open the school for Muslim students.

However, the organization still prohibits the Islamic school from participating in international sporting competitions.

Some parents say they have never seen a Muslim in a sports class.

However that changed last week when the school decided to change the curriculum for Muslim children to promote tolerance in a religious setting.

The Al-Kharif school is one of three Islamic schools in the Saudi city of Jeddah.

The other two schools, Al-Haram and Al-Zahraa, are run by the government.

The Al-Hayat and Al Khashoum schools are run entirely by the Saudi government.

Both schools teach Islamic subjects and teach the Quran.

The Saudi government has denied that the schools discriminate against any religion.

However many parents say their children are being taught the same lesson that the rest of the population is taught: the Quran teaches love and peace.

The IOC says that while it’s true that the majority of the students in the Al Khan Academy are Muslims, some students in Saudi are not.

The IOC says there are other factors that influence students in that the school’s curriculum may be biased toward the religion.