An atheist-led effort to ban a tuck store from opening in an Arizona church has gotten a boost after a video showing the tuck-shop owners trying to explain the Bible to an atheist customer went viral.

“I didn’t see a Christian on the other side of that counter, but there was a Muslim on the opposite side,” a Christian customer named Dori said in the video.

“I think I heard him saying, ‘The Quran is the book of God.'”

In the video, the shop owner tells Dori that she can’t use the Quran because it is a translation of the Bible.

Dori, who is also a Christian, says, “I thought it was a good thing.

That I was being helped.””

We’ve been trying to get them to let us open for five years,” said Pastor Mark Brown, who runs The Christian Community Center of Mesa, Ariz.

“They said we had to have a religious conversion certificate.

And I said, ‘No, we’re not allowed to have religious conversion certificates.

The Bible is the Bible.’

So we had a little bit of a discussion, and we decided, ‘We’re just going to give it a try.'”

Brown said he was inspired to start the project after he and his wife, Dori, watched a video on the Internet of an elderly Muslim woman who told her she was baptized into Christianity and then converted to Islam.

She was then allowed to buy a Bible.

The woman, who had a baby on the way, told Brown she had to convert to Islam before she could read the Bible, Brown said.

After the video went viral, Brown contacted the church and asked if he could set up a meeting to have the woman read the Scriptures.

The woman, he said, is “a very good Christian” and has had several children.

The church is accepting the meeting as an opportunity to learn more about the Bible and the Qur’an.

The Christian Community Centre of Mesa also has a website that sells Bible tracts, and Brown said he has also been contacted by members of the Islamic community.

The church’s website also has the video of the woman and her husband, who Brown said was “unbelievably nice” and was very receptive to Brown’s message.

“We’re going to teach the people that there are things they should know and should do, and that God is in the Bible,” Brown said in a video.

The group of atheists said they plan to hold a meeting in the near future to discuss how to handle the conversion process.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.