The NFL is preparing to introduce new measures to ensure players’ safety after the shooting death of a religious science instructor at a training facility.

The league will be adding new rules to its rules governing the use of religious symbols to protect players, and coaches and other players will be required to report any such incidents to the league office, according to a league source.

The new rules, which have not been disclosed, will go into effect on Friday.

They will require teams to report all such incidents that take place at training facilities or stadiums.

A team may report such an incident only to the commissioner and the assistant commissioner, and a team may only report such incidents if the team has a trained safety officer present.

Players are also prohibited from displaying religious symbols, including crosshairs, at a professional football facility, unless they are a member of a team’s official religious sect.

The NBA and NHL have already implemented new measures, which include banning crosshashes, religious references to deities or the saints and prohibiting player displays of religious imagery at all times.