The term “religion” was first coined by anthropologist Alfred North Whitehead in his 1890 book, The Meaning of Life.

Whitehead, a British academic, coined the word “religio” to refer to a belief system that is distinct from any one religion.

The word has since become widely used in scientific literature and is used as a synonym for scientific belief.

However, the term “religious” is still used in this context, as is “religious science” in the context of religion.

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The following are some examples of the various meanings of the word:There are also different definitions of the term, but we’ve included them here to give you an idea of the different meanings.

The definition from Wikipedia:Religious science refers to the study of the origins, nature, or origin of religious ideas and practices.

Religious belief and practice are distinct from, or are defined by, a belief in a specific god or godhead.

Religio (Latin: god) is an informal term for an overarching worldview that includes the beliefs and practices of a given group.

Religio can include a belief that the world has been created by an omniscient, omniscience, and all-knowing creator.

The term can also include a view that all knowledge comes from a single source.

Religion is a belief or practice that has a religious component that is grounded in a shared set of beliefs, values, and values about the universe, nature and the afterlife.

Religión is a way of life or system of beliefs or practices that are based on beliefs or values, such as religious belief or practices.

Religión can include, for example, a set of rituals, practices, and beliefs that are believed to promote a particular set of religious practices or beliefs.

Reliance is a specific type of belief or system or system that involves a commitment to a particular religious belief, such that adherence to that belief is expected of those who participate in the system.

Reliance is sometimes associated with the concept of a god.