The most important issue in religion is the story, said Michael Shermer, an expert in religion and psychology.

When you tell your story, your story is very important, said Shermer.

It’s about the journey you are on, about how far you are willing to go and how far your faith will allow you to go.

Religion, on the other hand, is about the stories you tell and how your faith relates to that story.

And the stories that are told by those stories and those stories are what makes them important, Shermer said.

Religion is the best predictor of what you will do in your life.

Religion and science are really closely connected, Shermar said.

It is about a lot of different things.

Science tells you about what you need to know about the world, and religion tells you what you don’t need to.

Science is a science.

Religion teaches you to trust your own judgment.

Science, on that, is a faith, he said.

You don’t have to have faith to be an expert on your own life.

But you need faith to make decisions.

“I would never say religion is not a part of my life,” Shermer added.

Science can help you figure out what you are going to do in life, but not necessarily about your own religious beliefs.

Religion does not always have to be in alignment with science.

There is an old story that religion is a good teacher, Shermelmer said, and the Bible is a very good teacher.

Shermer is an expert at using science to help people, like Shermer told the story of Jesus and the birth of the universe.

It doesn’t make sense to you that there is no beginning, but there is.

So if we were to take a little bit of science and tell you what the Bible says, it will help you make the right decisions, said David A. Sacks, author of The Big Picture: The Life and Times of God.

Religion can also help you deal with your fears, Sherman said. If you don