Temecula – Australian scientists have been left to deal with religious science and intolerance after an unprecedented backlash forced a review of the government’s stance.

Key points:Dr James Ritchie says religious science is a legitimate field of science but not an acceptable part of the curriculum in public schoolsDr Ritchie said the review would include a call for “an end to the discriminatory nature of religious science”Dr Ritter is the chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Queensland.

He said his department has been a “very strong supporter” of religious education but he said the current system did not meet standards and was not suitable for public schools.

“In order to meet the standards of our profession, we have to be able to provide an appropriate curriculum for our students and we are not doing that,” Dr Ritchie told the ABC.

“We have to get to the bottom of what’s going on, to look at why it is that there is a perception that the Australian society has some problem with religion and religion is not acceptable in schools.”[We have] to be very careful in our teaching because we are going to need to look back and say how we were able to do that.

“He said he was concerned about the impact on religious minorities in Australia and believed it was time for a review to consider how the Australian government’s policies would affect religious students.”

I think there are two things happening in this country right now that are very worrying to me,” he said.”

One is the discrimination against the Muslim community.

This is not the only group that is discriminated against, it’s just a very high number of Muslims that are discriminated against.

“Dr Ritton said the government was “under pressure” to act.”

The Government has had to put in place a review into religious education and this has led to the review being put in.

I’m very hopeful that that will bring us closer to a resolution.”‘

No one deserves to be treated like this’Dr Ritz said the situation was “not right” and “isn’t something we need to continue to see in this nation”.”

No one can be discriminated or be excluded from a school program just because of the beliefs of someone else,” he told the radio program.”

You cannot just make a policy based on the beliefs that are held by people, no matter how they might hold them.

“This is not a right or wrong, it is a fact.”

Dr James Loeber is the Chair of the Religious Studies Department at the Australian National University.

He is also the founding Director of the Centre for the Study of the Past in the Arts and the Director of an Indigenous-led arts program.

He told the program the issue was a “complex one” and called for the government to “do something to stop the discrimination and intolerance”.

“The problem is the bias of religious people and the religious people in our society are not being treated fairly, they are being treated like we are criminals and we should be punished,” he added.

Dr Ritchy has called for an end to religious discrimination and an end for religious schools from being a part of Australia’s public education system.

“If we’re not going to look after our future, if we’re going to continue down the path of this discrimination and this intolerance, we need a change of heart,” he explained.

“Because if we continue down this path, we’re just going to be perpetuating the same discrimination and the same intolerance that is being put down in the schools.”

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