PHX PhX is a brand new type to the Phoenix area that aims to change how scientists work in the Phoenix region.

It is part of the Phoenix Science Network, a consortium of science education providers in the area.

It has launched two pilot projects in the past month and is currently in the process of launching three more.

The Phoenix Science Project (PSP) was started by the Phoenix Community Science Centre and its parent, the University of Phoenix.

It is part-funded by the Department of Science Education and Research.

The Phoenix Science Center also has a partnership with the Australian Centre for Advanced Research in Environmental Science.

The project is designed to support students and teachers in the areas of environmental science, biology, chemistry, chemistry and biochemistry.

In a statement, Dr Paul O’Sullivan, the director of the Centre for Applied Environmental Sciences at the University, said it was an exciting opportunity to work with a global organisation such as the Phoenix Society.

“Our work on the Phoenix PSP will help the Phoenix community learn about their science, and help them to understand how their own communities are impacted by climate change, pollution and other human impacts,” Dr O’Neill said.

“This collaboration with Phoenix Society is a great way for the Phoenix and surrounding communities to work together in an exciting new way.”

The Phoenix Society said it had not yet received any funding for the project, but it was confident the pilot project would be a success.

“We are confident the Phoenix Environment Partnership will be successful in its mission to support science in the community,” it said.

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