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Why religion is so important to the world

Religion is not just an intellectual construct, it’s a cultural institution.Religion is a tool of identity.In the eyes of those who control it, religion is a universal moral code.That means it should be respected.Religion needs to be taken seriously.And it needs to evolve into a more inclusive, more inclusive religion.But to do that, it needs […]

How religious science universities are creating a cult of their own

Religious science universities have created a cult-like atmosphere in their ranks.The universities’ new religious science programs often feature presentations from the likes of televangelist Billy Graham and the late televangelism guru Pat Robertson.But as the religious science movement has expanded in the past decade, the institutions have become increasingly concerned about the public perception of […]

Trump admin official: ‘I’m not a bigot’

Religious Science President Robert Wright said he believes the president’s remarks on race and religious freedom are not “intolerant.”“I’m certainly not one of those folks who’s anti-immigrant,” Wright said during a radio interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network.“But if it is really about race, and if it’s really about religious freedom, I don’t think that’s […]