Religious Science founder, Christopher Williams, has taken a break from the world of religion for the past four years, and now lives in Tucson, Arizona, where he has a small church that he and his wife started a few years ago.

“I had some kind of spiritual crisis at one point, and I was very depressed and lost, and then I got really inspired by a very charismatic pastor who was able to talk to me about spirituality,” he told ABC Radio Arizona.

“And I started talking to him about it, and he was able me to be really kind and compassionate, and very compassionate to people who are really hurting and really struggling.”

It was really inspirational.””

Theres a lot of pressure in religion.

It’s like, I have to believe this is the right thing, and it’s not the right place, or I’m not getting the help that I need, or if I’m being wrong, I need to change.

“I guess in this case, I can do that.”

Mr Williams is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s school of education, and has also been teaching a course called “Religion, Religion and the Arts” at the Tempe Valley College of Arts and Science.

“Religion is not the only thing that I’m involved in.

I’ve got a little company called T.M.C. and we do an art show, and we also have a little dance show, but that’s not really about religion, that’s just about art,” he said.”

You don’t really have to have a religion to be an artist.”