Aussie radio station QVS has been given a licence to broadcast religious science in Australia.QVS is an Australian public service broadcaster that broadcasts radio, television and digital content from an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) studio.

The station was given the licence for the first time in the last fortnight, with QVS Chief Executive Officer and CEO Rob Maclean telling The Age in Melbourne on Wednesday morning that “it is a step in the right direction”.

The station will be broadcasting a special edition of the science show, Science and God, on Wednesday, with the focus being on the religious aspects of science.

The show will be hosted by Professor Chris Bevan, and it will focus on a series of topics, including the religious aspect of science, the importance of religion in science and religion as a part of science and faith.

The licence is the first for the QVS network.

It was granted in January, just three months after the first licence was granted to the station in 2015.

“The Science and Church programme is the next step in QVS mission to be the premier Australian science and science education channel,” Maclean said.”QVS has a strong record of promoting science and its importance in the public sphere, and is the only network in Australia that provides high-quality science programming to the public.”

We are very excited about the future of our science and education programming.”QVS and ABC are the two broadcasters that currently hold the Australian broadcasting licence for religious science.

However, it is not the first religious science station to broadcast in Australia, having broadcast in China in 2015 and India in 2016.