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How religious science universities are creating a cult of their own

Religious science universities have created a cult-like atmosphere in their ranks.The universities’ new religious science programs often feature presentations from the likes of televangelist Billy Graham and the late televangelism guru Pat Robertson.But as the religious science movement has expanded in the past decade, the institutions have become increasingly concerned about the public perception of […]

How to say ‘I love you’ to a Catholic brooch

The phrase “I love thee” is a universal affirmation that expresses the deep sense of belonging that a person feels toward their faith, a Catholic priest in Pennsylvania told The Associated Press on Thursday.In the church, “I’m an equal person,” said Father Michael Piscopo, who is Catholic and serves as pastor at the Franciscan Monastery […]

What is the Religious Science Glyph?

Religion is a science that deals with the relationship between God and the world.The study of religion is an integral part of science and can shed light on the workings of the universe. The study of religions has been studied by scientists for centuries and is a field that encompasses a wide range of subjects.The term […]