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Why do some fans say the NFL is religious?

Fans who claim the NFL has become too religious have a simple explanation: They are wrong.The NFL is not Christian, they argue.It’s a Christian league.Fans who argue otherwise are wrong, they say.The NFL is an American institution, they claim.And because of that, it’s a patriotic organization, one that supports American ideals and values.They’re right.The American […]

The best science classes you can take at a public high school

Religious science classes at public high schools are becoming more popular in America.Some public schools have taken to offering religious science classes in lieu of science.The following article examines some of the best religious science programs in the country, and which public schools offer them.1.Christian Science at San Diego State UniversitySan Diego State, one of […]

How the Religious Science Industry Is Killing Religion

Science fiction author and religious icon Philip K. Dick said religion is the root cause of all our ills.He believed that science fiction had the power to change people’s perceptions of themselves and society.But the religious science industry is killing religion. The new religious science market is driving the destruction of faith, and the people who […]