Religious science classes at public high schools are becoming more popular in America.

Some public schools have taken to offering religious science classes in lieu of science.

The following article examines some of the best religious science programs in the country, and which public schools offer them.1.

Christian Science at San Diego State UniversitySan Diego State, one of the most prestigious Christian Science colleges in the U.S., offers Christian Science in lieu, or a combination of, religion classes.

The program has a variety of activities that include Christian Science lectures, religious workshops, and more.

It also provides a chance for students to meet other students and meet new people.

The school also has a secular component that includes courses in history, geography, and economics.

For those who want to broaden their horizons, there is also a religious component.

The religion component can be taken in English, Spanish, French, German, or Italian.2.

Buddhist at The Episcopal School of The Episcopal Church in San DiegoThe Episcopal School offers Buddhist courses.

Buddhist classes are offered at San Francisco-based The Episcopal College in San Francisco and at The Catholic University of America.

Buddhist courses also include the traditional Buddhist meditation technique of sitting quietly in silence for a period of time.

Buddhist meditation can help students better understand their spiritual state and to help them find peace in their lives.

Buddhist students also have a chance to study with others.3.

Islamic Science at Georgetown UniversityAt Georgetown University, Islamic Science classes are available in English and Spanish.

The classes are designed for students who are new to Islam and who have some basic understanding of Islam.

Georgetown also offers classes in Islamic languages and cultures.

Students can also choose from a number of Islamic traditions including Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism.4.

Catholic Science at Loyola University ChicagoThe Loyolo University Chicago offers Catholic Science classes, which are in English only.

The course offerings range from the typical lecture on history and philosophy, to a more hands-on, hands-off learning.

There is also an opportunity for students interested in the Catholic faith to study at home with a Catholic priest or religious community member.5.

American Indian Studies at St. Louis UniversityThe University of Missouri offers American Indian studies courses in English or Spanish.

Students interested in learning American Indian languages can take American Indian language classes.6.

Hindu Studies at Columbia UniversityThe Indian and Native American Studies program at Columbia has been in operation since 1960.

It is one of a number at the university that offer Hindu studies courses.

Columbia’s courses are primarily focused on the history of Indian societies and religions, but they also include a number on the lives of Indians and non-Indians.7.

Science and Technology in the Global SouthAt American Indian Center at Southern Methodist University, a popular science program offered in the South, students can take a course on “science and technology in the global south.”

The course is a combination course and class in which students learn about topics related to global economic and political trends.8.

International Relations and the Environment at The College of William and MaryThe College of Williams and Mary offers International Relations classes.

These courses cover a variety that span a wide range of topics.

They include topics such as diplomacy, global development, climate change, and environmental protection.9.

American Studies at the University of ChicagoThe College in Chicago has a wide variety of American Studies programs, including a number that focus on African American and Hispanic students.

They also offer classes in American studies, history, and international affairs.10.

African American Studies and History at the College of the Holy CrossThe College at Holy Cross offers African American studies and history courses.

Topics that students can choose from include history of slavery, the history and politics of the Civil Rights Movement, and the civil rights era.11.

Theology at The New School The New York-based college offers two theology courses that students must take.

The first course, called “Theology in the 21st Century,” focuses on the current debates over religious freedom and equality.

The second course, “Religion and the Culture,” focuses more on how religion affects American society today.12.

Ethnic Studies at American UniversityThe American University at Atlanta has a number courses in Ethnic Studies.

The courses include courses on African-American studies, Native American studies/history, Asian American studies (Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh), and more, according to the school.13.

Religion and Religion in the World at Rutgers UniversityThe Rutgers University School of Religion offers a variety courses in religion and religion in the world.

The main course is called “Religious Ethics” and students are expected to engage in an open discussion with the instructor about religious ethics and their place in society.

They are also expected to learn more about other religions and cultures, as well as how religion has influenced social issues.14.

Asian American Studies, History and Culture at the City University of New YorkThe City University at New York offers a number Asian American and Asian Pacific American studies courses that