A group of religious science students are taking on the controversial religious theory of evolution in class in Melbourne.

The students are attempting to counter a recent book by Darwinian biologist Richard Dawkins that was published by the University of Melbourne.

Dr. Richard Dawkins has called evolutionary theory “the single most dangerous theory in modern science” and he has been banned from speaking on Australian campuses for his views.

But some students believe he should be able to teach his views on evolution because he has had his “fair share of controversial opinions”.

“We’re not trying to say that evolution is not a theory,” Dr. Daniel Gollop, the lead researcher on the book, told ABC News 24.

“We just want to challenge the very idea of evolution.”

The book, called The Blind Watchmaker: Evolution and the Quest for the Origins of Species, argues that the origin of life and its evolution are both “correlates” of the history of the universe.

“Evolution, the theory of life, is essentially a theory of how life could have arisen,” Dr Gollot said.

“It is a very well-known fact that evolution, as well as the theory and history of life itself, are connected in a very deep way.”

That’s the point of the book.””

Darwin and evolutionary theory, at least in its popular conception, has been a source of controversy,” he said.

But the idea of natural selection has also been controversial, as Dr Gollsons claims it “may have been responsible for the origin and diversification of life”.

Dr Gollops claims there is no need to be concerned about the Darwinian theory being applied in a way that is contrary to what the theory says.”

In fact, if you look at the very broad sweep of the theory, it does not apply to any other branch of biology,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

And this is because of the fact that the idea that all life is created and that everything is in its place in the universe is a theory that has been rejected by all the scientific disciplines and the whole scientific community.

“The students have been taking on Darwin’s theory in class since last week, taking on a group of students and professors who had been criticised for not discussing the issue with them.”

I’m just going to tell you this: it’s a terrible theory, so why do you keep using it?

Because it’s not right,” one of the students, Dr Daniella Burch, told the ABC.”

This is not the right theory, and we’re not going to accept it because it’s wrong.

“Dr Gollsop said he was not the only one concerned about Darwin’s beliefs.”

There are some students who feel like they are going to be subjected to some sort of ‘evolutionary torture’ if they disagree with it,” he explained.”

Some students feel like their views are being questioned and their teaching in class is being challenged.

“Dr Burch said she would not be deterred by the students’ objections.”

If they are saying, ‘I don’t believe in evolution, this is just not true’, I would be like, ‘Okay, well then you have to prove it to me.’

“We’ve been really, really supportive of them, and the students really support us,” she said.