Religious science celebrities are on the front lines of the battle for faith in our society.

Their voices are heard all over the world, and the message they give is the same: religious faith is the root of all evil, and that religion must be eradicated if we are to have a healthy society.

The news media, of course, is a major player in this battle, with many of the leading figures in this field, including Richard Dawkins, making their voices heard.

But even with all this support, we still have a long way to go in bringing the religious sciences to mainstream audiences.

The media is not the only way that religious scientists are trying to change the narrative.

Some have taken the leap from the internet to public broadcasting.

But, as I have noted previously, religious science is still a niche topic, one that is still very hard to break into mainstream society.

Many people in India still believe in traditional religion, despite its growing influence in our lives.

This is why many of us believe that religion in India must be more widely understood, and why we believe that a greater understanding of the science and its benefits will be of great benefit to the country and the world.