Broomfield, CO—January 4, 2020—In the past year, Christian groups and Christian football teams across the United States have been targeted by religious organizations claiming that the football team’s faith violates the law.

The incidents are the latest manifestation of growing tension between Catholic football teams and non-Catholic football teams, and have sparked concerns that a religious clash could develop into an even more dangerous clash.

In June, Broom-field Catholic University football team was placed on probation by the Archdiocese of Broomwater after a local parish priest said that the team’s beliefs were against the teaching of the Catholic Church.

Broomford Catholic University’s football team has not yet received the notice of the notice, but the team will remain on probation pending a decision on the matter, a university spokesman said.

The Broomfields Catholic football team will continue to play under the direction of the archdiocese while they await the outcome of the case.

Broomsfield Catholic has a Catholic identity, but also a non-religious identity, which includes a strong commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, according to the football program’s website.

“We have a mission to serve all those in need, whether that is in Broomerville, or across the country,” the website says.

The team was founded in 1987, and was named the school’s football champion in 2016.

According to the Broomville Times, the team is currently ranked eighth in the country and sixth in the state of California.

Broomas Catholic, which has two campuses in Broomsville, was founded by Cardinal Francis George.

According to the website of the Archpriest of Brooms-field, John D’Amico, the Catholic team’s players are free to practice their religion or no religion, as long as it is “not in conflict with the principles of the Gospel.”

In addition to the probation period, the Archdeacon said that his church is not responsible for any penalties imposed on the team.

“In my opinion, this case is the result of an organized effort to harm the integrity of the Broomsfields Catholic team, and to make the Catholic community feel that the Catholic faith is under attack by non-Christians,” the archdeacon told the Broompains Times.

“Our faith is not a threat to anyone, and we would not harm any person for being Catholic.

We have always done our best to be a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, and that’s what we do.”

The Broomsfalls Catholic team was named “Team of the Week” by the Christian Science Monitor for its positive portrayal of the community of Broomingfield.

The Broomsfall Catholic football squad was also awarded the Broomingville Area Christian Youth Council’s “Faith & Community Award” for their positive portrayal.

The football team is the first Catholic football player to have been named the “Coach of the Year” in the area.